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Third Party Applications

The Twitter API allows programmers who don't work for Twitter to create Twitter Apps (external web sites and desktop applications that utilize Twitter). TweetDeck is an example of a Twitter client that makes it easier to find and respond to tweet. Twibes is another Twitter app that makes it easy to find other Twitter users with a common interest. These Twitter tools will make using the service easier and help you get more out of it.

As you get more comfortable with twitter, you will likely find that that the website interface is not ideal for staying up-to-date with your tweet stream. For example the website only shows your most recent 20 tweets, and you have to click to separate pages to see your mentions and direct messages.

Twitter is designed to allow outside developers and companies access to your tweet stream with your permission. That means that anyone can build a twitter “app” to let you interact with twitter in new and different ways. These include desktop applications, phone applications, and other websites that allow you to more efficiently, or provide additional statistics and insights.

A good place to find twitter applications is there you’ll find reviews on different applications with links on where to find and download the.

Connecting to Third-Party Apps (Programs, Web sites, and Services)

Third party applications will often ask you for your username and password or provide a screen where you can grant application access to your twitter stream. Be careful when you do this to be sure that you trust that the application isn’t going to send tweets for you or otherwise do something you don’t want. Also been warned that applications which send tweets automatically or follow people automatically could potentially cause clear to shutdown your account.

There are two ways to connect to external applications. First, by establishing an OAuth connection, or second by giving the application your Twitter username and password.

OAuth allows you to authorize applications without sharing your password. this also prevents you from having to change your password in multiple places. the application will direct you to a web page to log into twitter and grant it access. Make sure that the URL of the authorization page will begins with in to authorize an application for read or write access once you have granted an application access it can perform actions like tweet or follow on your behalf.

You can see all the application that you have granted access to on there you can also revoke access for any application.

Also, be careful with applications which require you to log in with your twitter username and password. Do some research to make sure you trust the application.

If you get your username and password to a third-party application, there is no way to revoke access from twitter without changing your password. If you change your mind about third-party application having access to your account and there is no way to close your account you should change your twitter password.