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What does “RT” or “Retweet” mean?

A retweet is simply taking someone else’s tweet, copying it, and reposting it.
Twitter is a powerful medium for replicating messages and giving them greater exposure. If one person thinks one other person says is interesting, and will re-tweet it by repeating what the first user said.
By retweeting, you takes in information which is visible to you and you make it visible to your followers who may not have otherwise seen it. For example if something is newsworthy, informative, or really funny. This is how information spreads through Twitter.
It is nice to get retweeted. Retweeting others is a good way to get noticed. It is common to thank someone for retrieving you.
To retweet, you can either copy and paste the original tweet, prepend “RT @username:”, or you can click the retweet link to re-tweet in one step. If you change your mind, hover over the retweet and click undo. The benefit of the copy and paste method is that you can add your own comment to the end.

When someone you follow retweets, you will see the original tweet with a picture of the original author. The retweeter’s name appears below. To credit the original author, retweets show the photo, user name, and tweet of the original author, with "retweeted by" information at the bottom.

Disabling retweets

If you don't want to see retweets from a particular account, just visit the profile and click the retweet icon to disable, but keep in mind, if you see a new face in your timeline, it's because someone you follow retweeted something they thought you should see.
Look for the retweet icon next to the user name when you don't recognize a face, and then look for the retweeter's name below, it should be someone you follow. If the icon is green, you see retweets from that person in your home timeline. To double check, you want to double check, hover over the icon. You can manage whose retweets you see from your following page in the same way. Click the green retweet icon to disable retweets from that person. Turning off retweets only effects future tweets. If the icon is gray, click it (it will turn green) to turn on retweets.
To change retweet preferences for people to follow you to visit their profile page or your following page. Please note that retweets, like regular tweets, from people you've blocked will not show up.

Can I turn off ALL retweets?

No, you can only turn him off on a person by person basis. You must go to your following page and click the button for each person in the list.

Sidebar Retweet Tab

Click “retweets” in your sidebar to see what you’ve retweeted, what’s been retweeted by people you follow, and who retweeted your tweets. This is a great way to check in on your “effectiveness” - that is - to see how much value you are adding to the conversation.

What limits are there on retweets?

A tweet can be retweeted any number of times, but Twitter will only show the most recent 100 retweets for any public tweet.