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Twitter lists allow you to organize users into groups, or “lists." You do not need to be following someone to add them to a list. You can add yourself to a list. Once you have created a list other people can subscribe to it so that it shows up with lists they have created themselves.

Making a list

The easiest way to create a list is by clicking “New list” on the Twitter sidebar. This will open a dialog box where you can you can name your list. You will also choose to make the list public (everyone can see it) or keep it private (only you can see it). Users are limited to 20 lists per account, and list names cannot begin with a numerical character.

Add People to a list

Places on twitter where you can add people to list include:

“Find people” search results.

Profile pages (including yours).

followers and following lists (yours and other users).

You can remove users from a list in the same fashion as you added them; just uncheck the box.

List statistics

On your home page, the top right of the page will display the number of lists to which you have been added by others. Clicking on the number displays a page that shows all the lists this list will show both the number of people on the list and the number of people subscribing to the list.. you can also access the list you created from the second tab.

From the list page, you can edit the name or add and remove members. Warning if you rename a list any links you may have made to the list will be broken.

Subscribing (Following) Lists

You can follow someone else's list just as if you were following another user. Just click follow from the list page. You will see the lists you are following along with the list you created in the right-hand column.

If necessary, you can remove yourself from someone else's list by blocking the creator of the list. However, if a list created by someone else that you're following includes a public user that you've blocked, you will still see the updates of the blocked user.

Mentioning (linking to) Lists

You can @mention any Twitter List as you would a user, just add a forward slash “/” followed by the list name to list owners username: