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Followers and Following

What is following?

To follow someone means to see their updates on your home page. unlike many social networks, twitter friendships are nonreciprocal ( they aren’t mutual). that means somebody can follow you even if you are not following them. anyone who thinks you're interesting can follow you, and you don't have to approve, or follow back. if you follow a person you will get their updates on your homepage when you log in, end on your phone if you’ve configured it. your profile page displays statistics on how many followers you have and how many people you’re following. also, if you follow someone that means they can send you private direct messages.
If you decide to stop following someone later, just visit the person's profile page and click the unfollow button. Twitter does not send a notification when you unfollow someone.
You will notice that there are different strategies for who you should follow. many of the people that you follow will follow you back, so one strategy for getting more followers is to follow a lot of people. this is great if you are or using the printer for business and primarily concerned about getting a lot of followers. however it can make your timeline almost useless, and you certainly won’t you keep up with all the tweets.
The opposite strategy is more natural, most people will simply follow people they know or are interested in. if you do decide to go the route of following many people, be aware that or has limits on the total number of people you can follow in advance of them following me back.

How do I know who I'm following?

Sign in to twitter and click on the "following" link in the right hand side column of your home or profile page. to follow someone by clicking the following button on their profile page. you will know you are calling them if you see a green checkmark next to the word "Following". there will be an actions button on the right to stopped following a person if you want to. from here, you can also configure your mobile phone text message preferences for each person.

How do I know who is following me?

You'll get an e-mail from twitter every time someone follows you. You can configure your e-mail if you wish to change this. The followers link in the right-hand column of your homepage or profile page will also list all of your followers.

Can I block people from following me?

You can block someone to prevent them from following you or sending you messages. however if your account is public it will still be able to see your public tweets (for example on your profile page). it is good to block accounts that look like spammers because twitter support monitors who is blocked in determining which accounts to cancel.
Blocking someone means that you (and your photo) will not appear on their profile page, home page time line, or anywhere else. The person will not be able to follow you, but they will not be notified that they were blocked.
The other option is to protect your profile. This is a configuration setting that makes all your tweets private. You will have to manually approve anyone wants to follow you. This also has the effect of hiding your tweets from search engines.