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Finding People

Twitter is a social service and will definitely seem pointless without friends. You should either follow people you already know, or find new friends so that you can enjoy their updates. You can find your friends using people search, Twitter search, Google search, address book import, or by typing in the URL of their profile page.

You know someone's username you can navigate directly to their profile by entering the URL the URL in your browser. Just replace "username" with their username.

Find People by name

Click "find people" on twitter's top navigation bar to start a person's search. Start by searching for their first last word username all of these fields will be searched. If you don't find who you're looking for, try some suggestions in the sidebar.

You can also find people by name using Google. Use a search like: "John Smith". This will show you all the references to John Smith on the

Find New Friends

Twitter search is great for finding new people to follow. Simply search on the keywords or hashtags and that you are interested in. You will instantly find many interesting people. Click through to their profile page to decide if you want to follow them.

A keyword search for your company name can be interesting. You can also search for 'location:mycityname' to see a list of people who are from your city.

Find people you know on other networks

Twitter will look at your contact list from several different services. These include Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL. Twitter will show you who already has your account so you can follow them. To import your address book, click the Find People link. Type in your email address and password in the form on the first tab.