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What are favorites?

At the end of each tweet ( either yours or someone else’s) you will see a little star icon clicking the icon marks the tweet as a favorite. Your favorites form a list of tweets that other people can view can view by clicking on the Favorites link on the profile page.
Here are some reasons why you might favorite some tweets:

  • To come back and visit the link later
  • To mark it as something that needs a reply.
  • To automatically re-publish it (via the RSS feed for your favorite tweets).

Once signed in to Twitter, you can mark any update as a favorite from:

  • your home page timeline
  • any profile page
  • the main page for each update

When your favorite tweets from people with protected profiles, it will only be visible to people who have permission to view the original author’s tweets.
You can get to your favorites page by clicking the link in the right-hand sidebar after you have logged in. Be sure to check out the favorites tab on other people’s profiles. At any time you can remove the favorite by clicking the little star icon again.