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Customizing your Profile

What should I put on my profile?

The more you fill out your profile with information about yourself, the more people will find you (through twitter and Google search). If you're looking to meet new people, make an effort to fill out the profile with your name, occupation, location, and a picture. Of course don't forget to put a link to your blog or Facebook profile. You want your profile to give an honest and informative indication of who you are. If you make a good professional first impression, is worth it to spend a little time making your profile look professional.

Choosing your Profile Photo

At the very least it is important to change your photo from the default avatar. If you want new followers, putting a photo of yourself here is imperative. If you are running the Twitter account for your company or business, then your logo is ideal. The graphic is often more important than your name when people are scanning Tweets, something that comfortably stands out is ideal.

How do I change my picture?

Unless you have a corporate account and are using the corporate logo, it is best to use an actual photo of yourself. Change your picture using the account settings page. Your picture can be up to 700k. JPG, GIF, and PNG formats are supported.
To change your photo:

  1. Sign in to Twitter
  2. Once logged in, click Settings from the navigation bar
  3. Click the fifth tab, Picture
  4. Click Browse and select your photo
  5. Click Save
If you already changed your picture from the default, click "delete current" and then follow the steps above.

Designing your profile page

The sixth tab in account settings is "design". It is a good idea to customize your profile. You can use one of 12 templates or change the colors of the background, text, links, sidebar, and sidebar border to make your own design.
You can use a large or small background image, images can even be tiled. Background images must be in PNG, GIF, or JPG format, smaller than 800k. If your image is too large, use an image editing application to reduce the size. To customize your profile:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click Settings from the top navigation (or go to
  3. Click the the "Design" tab
  4. Select a template, change your text and background colors, or upload your background image
  5. Save your changes

Your Bio

Your bio is the most important place you have to describe yourself. You have 160 characters here to “sell” yourself treat this like you would a resume very short. Use keywords (not too many), and describe yourself so that others will want to follow you.
Example: I am a keen foodie and biker who also has a passion for dogs, road trips, and social media.
It is important to use keywords (foodie, dogs, social media). But also something that is friendly for humans to read and reflects your interests.