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Because of the flexible nature of Twitter, people can use all kinds of tools in order to enhance their experience and make it just what they want it to be. So, it would be impossible to name just one "best Twitter app!" So, we're going to break it down for you and instead give you the low-down on the best Twitter apps by category: the best Twitter clients, best Twitter feeds, and best Twitter tools, and then wrap it up with the best Twitter pages and the best Twitter to follow.

We've got a lot to cover in order to bring you the best Twitter applications out there - so let's get started.

Best Twitter Client


TweetDeck is a hugely popular Twitter client, also known as a desktop client (to differentiate it from a Twitter mobile app). And, many people would go so far as to say it's the best Twitter application, hands down!

Once you download TweetDeck to your computer, you can organize your followers into groups, manage multiple Twitter accounts, and even sync up your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can even decide which streams you want to see by customizing the number and kind of columns you want to appear. It's an all-in-one solution that is taking the Twitterverse by storm.

More "Best" Twitter Clients

Seesmic Desktop

Seesmic has been hot on the heels of TweetDeck, and rightly so - they offer the same features (multiple accounts across Twitter and Facebook) and with each update it gets better and better.


Awesome name, awesome client app. DestroyTwitter can be used on all three major operating systems, and its fans frequently point to the fact that it doesn't use Adobe AIR when citing the many reasons to love this app.

Best Twitter Feeds


twitterfeed is an easy way to get your blog posts onto your Twitter account automatically. It has a whole host of customizing options, and you also have the ability to post your feed to other services like Facebook. It's an all-in-one solution and easily the front-runner in Twitter feeds.


A super-easy feed that has excellent click tracking capabilities.


This one has an interesting twist - it combines your Tweet stream and your RSS reader, then allows you to post your favorites right into Twitter - and you can even schedule the tweets to post later, if you want!

Best Twitter Tools

"Twitter tools" are a wide variety of apps you can use to help you share even more via Twitter. Here are a few of the best Twitter apps for almost all your sharing needs!

Have a URL that pushes your tweet way past the 140-character count? Stick it into and compress it into a smaller URL that fits perfectly.


Take a picture, upload it to TwitPic, write a caption, and send it off to your tweet stream! The link becomes a compressed URL, and comments appear on Twitter and on the TwitPic page. Works on mobile devices, too.

With this app you can discover music and then share it with your followers.

Twitter Karma

Find out more about your followers with an interface that organizes by who you're following, who's following you, who's following you that you're not following, who you're following that's not following you... you get the idea. You can add or delete followers individually or using batch processing.


Want to see who's talking about you on Twitter? This app gives you hourly reports on mentions of you and your website(s), even if they use a URL compressor.


Once you've been on Twitter for a while, this is a great tool that gives you a snapshot of lots of stats - when you tweet the most by hour and day of the week, your tweeting density for the last 12 months, who you've replied to and retweeted the most, and fun stuff like your tweet cloud and stats for your followers, too.

Best Twitter Pages

You can customize your Twitter page to your heart's content, and there are plenty of designers who offer wallpaper templates, color schemes and more for free.

The best Twitter pages for free can be found at, and

To see an example of what can be done to your twitter page using a professional designer, take a look at @adamplitt, @idesignstudios and @MdFilmFestival for great ideas and inspiration.
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