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Why aren’t members’ tweets that include our twibe’s search tags showing up in the tweet stream?

If your members’ tweets are not showing up in your twibe’s tweet stream, it may be because of the following:

1. The search tags were not entered properly. There should not be commas between tags. Also, Twitter search does not find tags within larger words; the tag “market” would not be detected within “marketing,” for example. Check the tags in the regular Twitter stream to make sure they’ve been entered correctly.

2. Twibes works with Twitter’s search function in order to populate your twibe’s tweet stream. The tweet stream cannot update when Twitter search is down, because member’s tweets cannot be found by Twibes.

3. Are their Twitter updates “protected”? If so, they will not appear on Twitter searches, and Twibes cannot capture them – even if the member uses your twibe’s keywords and tags.

If a member’s posts are protected and they want to join your group, tell them to un-protect temporarily, tweet to join, then re-protect. Subsequently, any tweets meant for the twibe can be posted using the twibe tweet box, as protected tweets posted from there WILL show up on twibe page.

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