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Where is my twibe? I created a twibe, but can’t find it on the main twibe page.

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be able to find the twibe you’ve just created.

1. There is a limit of three twibes that you can create using your Twitter account. If you have already created three twibes, any new twibe you try to create will not be recognized by Twibes. You’ll have to delete one, and then after 24 hours you can create a new one.

2. Have you marked your Twitter updates as “protected”? Currently, Twitter users whose tweets are protected cannot be found by Twibes. This means any new twibe you create will not be recognized by our system.

One option is to un-protect, tweet to create, then re-protect. Subsequently, any tweets meant for the twibe should be posted using the twibe tweet box, as protected tweets posted from there WILL show up on twibe page.

3. Sometimes a user’s tweet to create a twibe is not detected by Twitter search right away – or even at all. If your tweets are not protected on Twitter and you created a twibe by tweeting the URL correctly (, try accessing it by the URL you tweeted.

If your twibe page does not come up when you go to the twibe’s URL, PLEASE READ the information that appears on the page before attempting to tweet again. It should direct you to continue to the verification page, where Twibes can view your tweet stream directly rather than going through Twitter search. Click “Continue” to do this. If you tweet again, you risk creating a duplicate twibe – and that can be confusing!

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