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What should I do if I don’t show up as a member?

I tweeted the URL according to the instructions but I do not show up in the members list.

If your tweets are not protected and you do not show up in the members list after properly following instructions to join, it means that Twitter search is not finding your tweet. Go here, follow the directions and Twibes can check your tweet stream directly.

If your tweets are protected and you want to join a group, you should un-protect temporarily, tweet to join, then re-protect. Subsequently, any tweets meant for the twibe can be posted using the twibe tweet box, as protected tweets posted from there WILL show up on twibe page.

If you tried to join more than one twibe in a single tweet, you will need to re-tweet to join the group(s) that were not joined on that attempt. Only one Twibes URL can be detected per tweet.

You can confirm if you have joined a twibe one of two ways:

1. Click “Most Recent” under the twibe list of member pictures, and search for your picture.

2. Look on your Twibes profile page, where your twibe memberships are listed. To get to your profile page, make sure you are logged in and then click “Profile” in the menu at the top of the Twibes page.

You may join up to 10 twibes.

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