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What should I call my twibe?

Looking for the perfect name for your twibe? Here are some tips to help you.

1. Twibe groups are searchable on users’ Twibes home pages. So, make sure your group name can be found easily enough – for example, a twibe called “puggles” would not appear in a search for “pugs.”

2. The name should represent your twibe’s interest. “Coffee-lovers,” “Against-Cancer,” “Seattle” or “InternetMarketing” are examples of good twibe names.

3. If you want to create a twibe in order to find or meet people near you, use your postal code or telephone area code in the twibe’s name – like “Belltown98121″ or “Area253.”

4. When a twibe is created, the default tag is the name of the twibe. If you want to make sure that your members’ tweets appear in your twibe’s stream, then stick with the tag or keyword that is most likely to be used by your members. To learn more about how keyword tags work, go here.

You can browse through twibes that have already been created by going here.

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