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What is Twibes?

What is Twibes?
Twibes organizes Twitter conversations by topic which makes it easier for you to find them, stay up to date, and participate.

What is the point of Twibes? What makes Twibes relevant?
A lot of people set up a Twitter account… and then what? With Twibes, you can search on a keyword or browse our categories and find Twitter people who are interested in the same things that you are.

Even if you are active on Twitter, there can be lots of random conversations that are hard to follow. Twibes makes it easy to participate in Twitter conversations you care about, which is made even easier with our threading feature. This allows you to follow all replies to a tweet from start to finish, without having a bunch of other tweets in the way.

I don’t understand Twibes. What is it useful for?
Because each twibe has its own members and keyword tags, following a topic on Twibes filters out all the useless Tweets that might include a certain keyword, but have nothing to do with the topic. And because you can join up to 10 twibes, it’s also a way to get to know a wide range of other Twitter users who share your passions.

Let’s say you’re into sailing. You can go to Twitter and search for the keyword “sailing” to see all of the most recent tweets that have included that word. But, not all of those tweets may be relevant – someone could be tweeting about smoothly sailing through life, the song “Sailing” by Christopher Cross, or just that it’s a nice day for sailing. As a sailing enthusiast, this is not exactly what you were looking for!

When you search on Twibes for sailing, you get a full list of all the sailing twibes – from sailing in general to tall ships to people based in Chicago who sail on Lake Michigan. Let’s take the general Sailing twibe as an example.

As of this writing, there are over 100 members in that Sailing twibe. That means you’ve just found a lot of people who share your passion! If you’re new to Twitter and looking for friends, you can follow them all with one click – and all of a sudden, you went from wondering why Twitter exists to having active conversations with new people from all over the world.

But, even those members won’t be tweeting about sailing all the time. That’s where your Sailing twibe page comes in handy – it shows you only the tweets from those members that mention the twibe keywords, which in this case are sailing, sail or boat.

And when you tweet directly through your twibe page, your tweets can be more than 140 characters. A lot of our members find this feature particularly useful.

How do I get the best from Twibes?
That’s easy – start by searching Twibes for your favorite topics. You can join up to 10 twibes, or even create your own!

To learn more about how to create or join a twibe, go here.

Have more questions? Revisit our help topics, or contact us via our feedback page.