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How is Twibes better than Twitter hashtags, lists, or TweetDeck columns?

How is Twibes better than Twitter hashtags?
Twitter hashtags are a great way to get a snapshot view of what the Twitterverse is talking about right now. For example, it’s common for conferences or trade shows to employ a hashtag for participants to follow while attending. But, for the rest of us, there are a lot of problems with hashtags:

  • The trending hashtags that appear on your Twitter page make no sense, are do not reflect your interests.
  • People can mistype a hashtag, or they may be several making the rounds, and you miss out on a comprehensive view of all the relevant tweets.
  • People abuse hashtags by adding them to spam tweets or to push their own agenda.
  • There is no overall record of who used those hashtags.
  • Some tweets with those hashtags are just plain useless.

For example, let’s take a popular hashtag as of this writing: “Cowboys.” This is trending because the Dallas Cowboys are playing today. After clicking on this keyword, a Dallas fan will find tweets in other languages; anti-Cowboys sentiment worded in the strongest terms; and ads for girls that are ready to talk to YOU! And in between these tweets are literally hundreds that simply exclaim excitement about the game.

What if you’re a Cowboys fan who’s looking for what the insiders are saying? By following the NFL Bloggers twibe, you can get great insight without the noise. Want to start your own Cowboys group? Create a Cowboys twibe, and let other hardcore fans know about it.

How is Twibes better than Twitter lists?
Twitter lists are excellent innovation from Twitter, and they’ve helped lots of Twitter users organize their tweet streams. But, making a list of your favorite Twitter users by whatever category you choose still doesn’t give you the razor-sharp focus of Twibes.

Let’s take the Cowboys topic again. You could make a list of fellow Cowboys fans, and click on that list when you want to see what they’re up to on the days leading up to the game.

All tweets from all the people in that list will appear in that stream – what they had for lunch, if their kid did bad in school, links to articles that have nothing to do with football, let alone the Cowboys. Again, it’s a lot of noise you don’t need. Because Twibes uses the combination of member tweets, hashtags and keywords, you are always assured that there will be nothing but all Cowboys, all the time on your twibe page.

How is Twibes better than TweetDeck?
TweetDeck is awesome, there’s no doubt about that. But, to compare Twibes to TweetDeck is like comparing apples and oranges!

In addition to the examples above, belonging to a twibe gives you one added benefit that nothing else can – it’s a fantastic way to meet others who share your interests and passions, because anyone can join a twibe. And, you can meet them without all the hassle and hit-or-miss of Twitter searches. From there, you have the choice to add them to your own Twitter or TweetDeck, or you can just keep in touch through the twibe page.

In case this wasn’t a lengthy enough answer, here is what Twibes founder Adam Loving has to say on the subject:

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