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How do I promote my twibe?

How do other people find my my twibe?
When you create a twibe, you get to choose up to three hashtags or keywords that describe it. You can use additional keywords in your twibe page description. Whenever someone comes to Twibes and enters any of those words into the search function, your twibe page will come up. From there, they can check it out and decide if they want to join.

There’s another common way that people find twibes, too. In order to create or join a twibe, that person has to tweet about it so Twibes can register the user. That tweet can be read by all of their followers, as well as anyone who’s searching Twitter for the twibe topic name. And it has a link, so people can click on it and be taken right to the twibe page!

Can I do a twibe promo?
Of course! When it comes to promoting your twibe, the only limit is your imagination. You can tweet about it, write about it on your blog, StumbleUpon your twibe page, Digg it, or even make up fliers and give them out on the street! There is a 500-member limit on twibes, but no limit on the number of viewers.

Can I make a direct link on my Twitter page to my twibe? Is it possible for my Twibes page link to show on my Twitter page?
Yes. Each twibe has its own unique URL, which you can link to anywhere you please. On your Twitter page settings, simply copy and paste your twibe page URL into the area provided for your web address.

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